Pool Designs Trends for 2018

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July 20, 2018

Every year, new styles for pool designs are being introduced.

When the word decorating comes to mind, you probably think of home decor and interior decorating.

Why not “decorate” your pool? Just like homes can become old and need a revamp once in a while, so does your pool!

Staying on top of the latest pool trends will help you create your dream pool that looks amazing, and adds value to your home too.

Here are some of the top pool designs trends for 2018.

Line Your Pool Designs With Tile

One of the biggest trends this year is the use of tiles in pools.

Fewer people are opting for the concrete bottom option.

Concrete is hard and uncomfortable, especially when compared to tiles.

Tiles are smooth, comfortable, and feel so much better on your feet than concrete does.

There’s plenty of modern tiles available, and you can choose from different designs, textures, patterns, sizes, and colors.

You can completely customize the bottom of your pool to be exactly how you want it.

You don’t need to stick to just one color either – why not blend a few colored tiles together to create a work of art?

Mixing Fire With Water

The combination of fire and water is becoming increasingly popular.

This is when you have a dedicated area in the pool for a fire feature. It’s both functional, and aesthetic.

There are many different fire features you can choose from, ranging from fire pits to fireplaces.

This will make being outside more appealing, especially in the cooler months.

These fire features are especially beautiful in the evening when the fire’s light glows and makes a beautiful reflection in the water.

It makes the pool area feel more elegant and luxurious too.

Another great thing about these fire features when combined with pools is that they are completely safe!

They might not be the best choice if you have young kids or pets though.

Built-in Ledges

Pools are extremely relaxing on their own.

What if you could bring this relaxation up to another level? Having a built-in ledge is great for tanning and just lounging in general.

You don’t need to worry about excess outdoor furniture because you can have built-in seating options.

This also allows for more seating options if you have guests or just a large family. You can even put an umbrella on the section with the ledge for shade.

Built-in Bars

If you are going to add built-in ledges to your pool, it would be the perfect opportunity to add a bar too.

Specifically a swim-bar!

It’s amazing if you like entertaining, and your guests will love being able to enjoy their beverages while relaxing in the pool.

You can go all-out create bar stool seating inside the pool too.

Saltwater Chlorination

Traditional chlorine pools have been around for decades.

This year, we are seeing more people switch to saltwater chlorination instead. These saltwater pools have many advantages, one of the main ones being it’s healthier for your skin.

There are fewer chemicals in general, it costs less to upkeep, and the maintenance is minimal when you compare it to chlorine pools.

This option is more natural, and even though it costs more upfront, they pay themselves off in the long-run.

Many people prefer saltwater is because it makes the entire pool experience more comfortable.

Chlorine can be pretty harsh on your skin, while salt is soft. Chlorine can make skin itch, effect hair color, and cause red eyes.

With saltwater, you won’t experience any of this. Also, saltwater pools are basically self-cleaning!

Energy Efficient Pools

While this isn’t exactly a design trend, it’s still a trend nonetheless.

Pool maintenance can be costly, and homeowners are always looking on how to save money. One way to do this is to switch to pool pumps and heaters that are energy efficient.

Another thing you can do to make your pools more efficient is to introduce automation.

This way, you can time exactly when your pool pumps and heaters will run. It’s also very handy for turning on lights automatically, or jets.


Pavers are used to cover the ground around the pool area. The most popular materials used are concrete and natural paver stones.

You can choose from a variety of different colors and shades to get the perfect tones for your pool decor.

Concrete is typically used for this because it’s extremely durable. It can deal with plenty of people being around the pool area and it ages well too.

Water Features

This year we are seeing a lot more water features being incorporated into the swimming pool designs.

There’s such a variety of them and they can really enhance your overall experience being in the pool.

For example, a small waterfall creates a gorgeous sound that takes you somewhere else. The sight of flowing water is very pleasing and creates an entirely different atmosphere, one that’s more relaxed.

Water features give your pool a focal point and they can truly transform your pool.

They can be built to go with any style that you want.

Do you want something romantic? Something similar to a tropical resort? Something elegant? Or just something fun for the family? Whatever your desires are, you are sure to find a water feature that will work perfectly for your pool.

Poolside Decor

While it’s normal for people to go all-out when creating their dream pools, we often see people doing the opposite with their poolside patio decor.

White poolside chairs, a table, and a simple umbrella are fine, but in terms of design, they don’t do anything.

To enhance your pool experience even more, you could consider elegant poolside patio decor.

Pool designs decor 1024x683

Exotic wood is a popular trend, along with marble.

When you combine these two materials together, you create a stunning and relaxing area.

It’s unbelievable how something as simple as chairs and a table can have such a huge effect on the overall appearance and feel of your pool, but it really makes a difference!

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting is great for those who like to swim in the evening.

It makes swimming in the dark safer and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Underwater lighting makes use of fiber optic lights, which add a sense of vibrant drama to your pool, or something more gentle.

It depends entirely on the light colors you choose.

These fiber optic light features have the option to update to LED pool lighting to be more efficient.

You can choose to have one dedicated color in your pool’s lighting, or you can make it so that the colors are constantly changing.

You can put on a light show and relax, or if you prefer entertaining, the lights are great for when you have a party.

Spotlights and Floodlights

While on the topic of light trends, spotlights and floodlights are very popular for many pool owners.

The main point of the spotlight is to draw attention to parts of the pool that you want to stand out. This can be a water feature, a landscape feature, patio feature, etc.

Common spots that people put these lights near are flower beds, statues, and mini water features.

Floodlights, on the other hand, are used as general lighting. They provide brightness to the common areas around the pool.

They make the pool area more safe in general, especially if you install motion floodlights.

Sport Pools

Today, people seem to be more into fitness, and health-conscious living.

Many homeowners, especially if they are younger, are creating pools that can serve both as a place to have fun and relax, but also a place for fitness.

These pools get rid of the shallow to deep design and make it all deep.

Sport pools are not only great for doing fitness exercises such as lap swimming, but they also make playing games in the pool easier.

Volleyball is a popular and fun pool sport!

Porcelain Pool Tiles

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that tiles are a very popular design trend for pools.

Porcelain is the first choice of many when creating an elegant outdoor oasis.

These tiles come with plenty of mosaic designs to choose from, and different colors too.

These tiles are a great option for those who are sticking with chlorine pools. This is because porcelain pool tiles have been designed to withstand any pool chemical treatment.

These types of tiles are great for a waterline or just a simple backsplash design.


We hope this article introduced you to a few trends that you might not have known of.

Choosing to incorporate any of the above pool designs trends into your pool will completely transform it.

Make your pool a sanctuary for yourself, one that you thoroughly enjoy being in!

Something that you are proud to show to guests.

All of the above trends aren’t just for aesthetic reasons – they are all functional and serve a purpose as well.

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