8 Trendy Interior Paint Colors-Top Colors For 2019-2020

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September 23, 2019

8 Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

If you have been feeling uninspired in your home, now is the time to paint it with one of  2019-2020’s trendy interior paint colors.

Home remodeling projects don’t always have to be complicated and expensive.

In fact, one of the most affordable and easy ways to bring new life into your space is by simply painting it.

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference paint can make!

Bold blues 

 When it comes to making exciting changes to your home, nothing could be more unique (while still remaining neutral) than painting with a bold shade of blue.

You might think that dark blues can be a risky choice.

However, when you consider that your denim jeans go with everything, you start to see how it might just work when applied to the right home setting too.

Whether you are painting a feature wall behind your living room sofa or an entire master bedroom,

The right shade of a deep and pastel blue that is warm like denim can have unimaginable effects on the atmosphere of a room.


Additionally, blues are a fantastic option for creating a monochromatic space.

Combining deep blue teal walls in the master bedroom with blue infused charcoal trims or painted furniture can really create a romantic setting.

If dark isn’t your style and you lean towards the lighter shades of blue, you are in luck!

Misty blues with light grey undertones will be a top choice for homeowners in 2019-2020.

Lighter shades of pastel blue will make great alternatives for those who like grey but are looking for something a bit more unique.

It will be a great option for those who are looking to create an atmosphere that is soft and calm like clouds or spring water.

 Earthy Greys

Grey has been the go-to interior painting color for the last few years, and it’s no surprise why!

Grey is a safe bet for any room that you really can’t go wrong with.

Misty pastel greys are going to be taking over the painting trends of 2019-2020.

What makes this muted grey such a sought after paint choice is its ability to turn any room into a beautiful, yet empty canvas.

You are getting the safety net of a neutral that will work with almost any type of furniture.

Light and earthy greys are a top choice for painting your kitchen because they will work with various backsplash, appliance, hardware, and flooring choices.

Nature Inspired Greens

Green is not an interior paint color that you see very often.

That is simply because many people just don’t know how & where to use it.

With the population becoming more eco-savvy, the rise of light eco-greens and dark forest greens is becoming more and more prominent.

Eco-greens often resemble what you would think of when you hear moss or seafoam.

They are soft, light, and make a beautiful addition to your kitchen or office walls, to adding a pop of color to your interior doors.

Darker shades of green will be the ones to watch in 2019 and 2020.

They have the ability to make you feel like you are bringing nature inside.

From hunter to emerald, these shades of green paint are sure to create a moody, intense, and luxurious feel wherever you choose to apply them.

Smokey Taupe

Taupe is a color that is often overtaken by beiges, browns, tans, and greys.

Fortunately, in  2019 it seems to be taking over as a bold and yet neutral choice.

Taupe comes in a wide range of different shades and can often be used in combination with other striking tones.

Smokey taupes work great when combined with deep purples and royal blues as their dark nature compliments each other.


Even though taupe is often on the darker side of the spectrum it rarely takes away from any of the light in a room.

This makes it a great option for a room that is north facing and doesn’t get much access to sunlight.

Additionally,  it can also work in small powder rooms that don’t have any windows at all.

It’s rich and dark nature would look great in a powder room especially when paired with dramatic accessories.

Much like earthy greys, smokey taupes can be a great choice for painting cabinets.

Dusty Pinks

Pink is one of those colors that comes and goes with the trends as it is sometimes too bold or resembles that of a newborns room.

However, pink lovers can rejoice in 2020 as pink is making a comeback.

Pastel pinks that make you think of a dusty rose, light terracotta, or your favorite shade of blush.

What makes this shade of pink so sought after is that it is quite timeless and versatile.

You can use this in traditional, Victorian, mid-century modern and contemporary design without worrying that it will become overwhelming or that you will grow tired of it.

It is bold enough that it will catch your eye over time you walk into the room.

And soft that once you settle in you will feel relaxed.

Additionally, dusty and pastel pink is sophisticated enough that it can work with various furniture styles and colors such as whites, greys, and bold blues.

Wine Purple

Purple is one of those interior painting colors that you don’t see very often in homes, and if you do, it is often the color that you will find in a bedroom.

If purple is one of your favorite colors but you have been unsure of how to incorporate it into your space, 2020 is the year for you.

Deep purples that have wine and plum hues have made a dramatic entrance into 2019’s most trendy interior painting colors.

It goes with whites, greys, blues, mustards, and even some greens, making it a pretty versatile option depending on how you use it.

This muted shade of purple has a bit of a grey undertone, which tones down its vibrancy and keeps the space feeling relaxing.

The deep and relaxing nature of this color would make a great addition to a bathroom, study, or entertainment room.

It is bright enough that it won’t suffer in low light situations but dark enough to create a rich atmosphere.

Cream Shades

A cream shade is a fantastic option for those who are looking for a neutral foundation color they can use in a large room but aren’t that keen on grey.

Off-whites and off-creams have been boosted by the minimalist movement.

This is because those who are looking to live a more simple and clutter-free life also want to apply simple and neutral interior painting colors to their home.

Livingroom3 1024x576
Off-whites and off-creams are incredibly versatile and are a softer alternative to traditional whites, beiges, and tans.

These shades are a great option for those who are looking to achieve a more natural aesthetic in their home as well.

Certain shades of off-cream can often mimic the beautiful tones you would find in raw untreated wood.

Additionally, off-whites and off-creams can go with almost any other neutral shade without it looking out of place and can easily work with various furniture colors and styles.

Autumn Yellow

Yellows and golds have always been interior painting colors that require a lot of confidence before diving into.

Fortunately for those brave enough to take the chance, it almost always pays off!

Yellow is one of the best options when looking to add a pop of color to any space without it appearing to be a kids playroom.

Deep mustards make a great addition to feature walls surrounded by windows.

This is because the sunlight works with the interior painting colors and can even give it a beautiful golden hue.

However, if you are in a space that doesn’t get much light, a pastel yellow that is reminiscent of autumn leaves can’t be beaten.

Not only it will keep you inspired and feeling cozy,  it also makes the most of the limited sunlight that space gets.


Painting your home might be one of the easiest ways to bring new life into different spaces but it can be quite overwhelming.

With so many paint colors on the market, figuring out which color will work with your space can seem like an impossible task.

Fortunately, many of these color options are versatile enough that they should be able to work with various existing styles.

We hope that this article provided you with some ideas and inspiration on how you can incorporate some of 2019’s trendiest interior painting colors into your home.

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